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Lighters / Lighters MYON France

Cigar lighter Myon Monarch
gas, electric, 2x jet, black/golden
Lighter electric Myon
gas, electric, 3x jet, grey
Lighter Myon Imperator Petit
flint, double flame, golden/black lacquer
Lighter Myon
metal, gas/jet, 4 flames, black/golden, 8x2.5 cm, original gift box
Lighter Myon Imperator Petit
flint, golden/ black
Lighter Myon Imperator Petit
flint, silver/black
Lighter Myon Inperator petit
gas, flint, metal, blue
Lighter Myon Imperator Petit
flint, silver
Lighter Myon Imperator Petit
flint, gold
Lighter Myon Elegance
flint, metal, golden
Lighter Myon Elegance
flint, metal, chrome/black
Lighter Myon Elegance
flint, gold/black lacquer
Lighter Myon
gas, metal, blue/silver, 6.5x3.5x1.3 cm
Cigar lighter Myon Havanna
gas, metal, 4 jet, black
Lighter MYON
ultra flat e/t, engraving in Floral design, chrome
Lighter MYON
ultra flat e/t, engraving in Venetian design, chrome
Lighter Myon
flint, golden/black lacquer
Cigar cutter MYON
chrome/black carbon

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ELENPIPE® - exclusive official supplier of the famous French brand lighters MYON in Ukraine, Russia and Europe.
Stylish and high-quality silicon, double flamed lighters wholesale and retail from the famous French manufacturer. MYON lighters (metal lighters, piezo and gas lighters) are time-tested product for almost 100 years. Since 1919, when MYON started lighter manufacturer, this brand is still have been founding their customers. The best gift – MYON lighter made in France. MYON lighters are packed in a decent quality box, with a 3-year warranty.
After creating a new model, after setting up the human and technical means needed for high quality production, something else has to be added to make the client say: “Yes, it's a decent product”. Like the lighter reproduced on this page: such a pure decoration can only be obtained with special machines fitted with diamond tools.
MYON has a pool of 25 machines used only to decorate their models. Read more…
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ELENPIPE® - distributor and wholesale supplier of smoking pipes and accessories.

We offer various range of gift articles for MEN and WOMEN, for all occasions, such as: smoking pipes and accessories for cigars and pipes, tools and cleaners, cigarette holders, cigarette filters and papers, rolling and tube mashines; plastic and metal lighters, ashtrays, cigarette cases, shishas (hookahs), cigarette holders.

We created our own collection with items hand embellished with original Swarovski® crystals. 
Collection consist from cosmetic pocket mirrors, Czech crystal glass nail files, cigarette holders, gift lighters hand embellished with Swarovski® crystals. 
Each items is carefully handmade by our skilled workers.

We offer Wide range of board wooden games, produced in Poland: chess, backgammons, checkers.

More than 1,500 items permanently available in our assortment

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