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Ashtrays / cigarette ashtray

Cigarette ashtray
glass/metal, black, chrome, 9.5 cm
Cigarette ashtray
glass/metal, blue/chrome, dia 9.5 cm
Ashtray Coney
chrome with clap 109x66 mm
Ashtray Coney
chrome with glow killer, 109x66 mm
Ashtray for cigarettes
d=6.5 cm, chrome/crocoimitation, eco-leather, 6 colours in assortiment
Ashtray for cigarettes
d=8 cm, 7.5 cm, 9 cm, holo foil, metal, 3 colours, 3 sizes
Cigarette ashtray
chrome/eco-leather, 3 designs, dia 9 cm
Ashtray for cigarettes
d=7.5 cm, h=10.5, chrome/eco-leather, crocoimitation, 4 types in assortment
Cigarette ashtray
dia 13 cm, chrome polished/black
Ashtray Coney
metal, 3 designs, dia 9.5 cm
Cigarette ashtray
metal, 3 designs, dia 9.5 cm
Ashtray for cigarettes
d=9 cm, h=10 cm, chrome/carbon
Ashtray for cigarettes
d=8 cm, h=5 cm, chrome/black matte
Ashtray for cigarettes
d=8 cm, h=5 cm, chrome/chrome matte
Cigarette ashtray
d=11.5 cm, h=9.5 cm, chrome polished
Ashtray for cigarettes
d=11.5 cm, h=9.5 cm, chrome polished/black matte
Ashtray for cigarettes
d=11.5 cm, h=9.5 cm, chrome/matte
Ashtray for cigarettes
d=9 cm, h=8.5 cm, chrome polished
Ashtray for cigarettes
d=9 cm, h=8.5 cm, chrome polished/black,matte
Ashtray for cigarettes
 02125 ( 49011)
d=11 cm, h=9 cm, chrome polished

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We offer various range of gift articles for MEN and WOMEN, for all occasions, such as: smoking pipes and accessories for cigars and pipes, tools and cleaners, cigarette holders, cigarette filters and papers, rolling and tube mashines; plastic and metal lighters, ashtrays, cigarette cases, shishas (hookahs), cigarette holders.

We created our own collection with items hand embellished with original Swarovski® crystals. 
Collection consist from cosmetic pocket mirrors, Czech crystal glass nail files, cigarette holders, gift lighters hand embellished with Swarovski® crystals. 
Each items is carefully handmade by our skilled workers.

We offer Wide range of board wooden games, produced in Poland: chess, backgammons, checkers.

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