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Cigarette and cigar accessories / Humidors

Cigar humidor for 12 cigars
cedarwood, root design, light brown, 21.5x14x6.8 cm
Humidor for 50 cigars
cedar, brown, 312213 cm
Cigar humidor for 50 cigars with key
cedar, brown, 363112 cm
Cigar humidor for 25 cigars
cedar, "Smoking Lady" design, glossy black, 262612 cm
Cigar humidor for 50 cigars
cedar, "World Map" design, glossy black colour, 302413cm
Cigar humidor box for 100 cigars
cedar, brown, with acrylic glass, 55x28x17 cm
Cigar humidor for 25 cigars
cedar, glossy brown, 262212 cm
Humidor for 50 cigars
wood, yellow, design "Che Guevara", 30x24x12.5 cm
Cigar humidor for 25 cigars
cedar, "Che Guevara" design, yellow, 262612 cm
Humidor for 12 cigars
cedar, design "Che Guevara", yellow, hygrometer, humidifier, 22x114x7 cm
Humidor for 12 cigars
cedar/ leather, brown, 2325.46 cm
Humidor for 12 cigars
cedar/ leather, brown, 26x16.5x4.5cm
Humidor for 25 cigars
leather, brown, hygrometer+humidifier
Humidor "Che Guevara" for 12 cigars
lacquered cedar, yellow, 31x25x6,5 cm
Cigar humidor for 12 cigars + set
cedar, black colour, (hygrom+humidif+cutter+ashtray +case), 26208 cm
Travel humidor for 4 cigars Colton + cutter
leather, black, 2012.57 cm
Humidor for 50 cig. Colton
brown, leather/crocoimitation, 29x20x11 cm
Humidor for 50 cigars Colton
black, bricks design, 282211.5 cm
Humidor for 60-70 cigars Colton
black laquer, 2-drawer 39.51620 m
Humidor for 60-70 cigars Colton
brown laquer, 2-drawer, 39.51620 m

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Where to keep tobacco products? This question arises not only among fans of cigars smoking but also for those who involved in selling it. One of the most convenient and useful attributes for this is a cigar humidor.
It is a small box and sometimes it’s referred to a cabinet or a specially equipped room for the storage of tobacco products. It helps to maintain the humidity level within an allowable level for cigars not to lose quality.

The inner part of it is usually made of Spanish cedar wood. Now some manufacturers have mastered the production of humidors which are made of plastic or metal. They have a foam trim inside. However, cigar connoisseurs prefer specimens made of wood. Here are their advantages:

·          Don’t give extraneous taste;

·          Don’t allow growth of molds;

Today you can buy a cigar humidor that is made in the cheapest option, with a cup and a dipped sponge, acting as a humidifier, or expensive exclusive models. They are equipped with a special electronic device including auto sprayer when the humidity level is below the settled point.

There are humidors which are used for storage of several types of cigars. They are usually divided into different sections. This helps to avoid smells mixing.



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